Creating Amazing

That was the brief: create amazing online - a brand new pan-European digital presence for luxury automotive manufacturer, Lexus.

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So what does Creating Amazing look like online? What does it feel like? How does it behave?

We developed a creative vision to set out ideas, inspiration and examples. Styles, image usage, colours and fonts. It defined movement, transitions and behaviour.

It defined everything.


Before a pixel was pushed, we developed the principles of the site on paper, creating prototypes and re-ordering modules.

Working collaboratively, solving problems, developing ideas and testing hypotheses, we arrived at a working solution that we were able to test with real users before designing a single thing.

This approach allowed for group creativity and inventiveness before being honed by the design team.

and build

Once everything is in place – the knowledge, the thinking, the direction and the content – the designers and the techies get to work… together.

Designs were prototyped, tweaked, coloured, changed and approved. Code was developed, tested, re-developed, re-tested and finalised.

And the site started working.

car chapters

The heart of the site – after all, the car is the star. Everything you need to know about your chosen car, in one place.


Created from the ground up – our progressive enhancement approach ensures the mobile site isn’t an afterthought, but is totally integrated into the digital experience.

content to life

The addition of video content, rich functionality and device-relevant interactivity adds a layer of movement and dynamism to the simple and elegant design.

Behind the scenes

Backstage at the Lexus project: some of us working, others with dodgy expressions, and one or two just
wandering into shot.


To a great client

For a great project

From a great team

FWA Site of the day — 19th September 2012.